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Jupiter Electromagnetic Overband Separators are used in applications where a stronger magnetic field is required due to suspension height, belt speed, or customer preference. These magnets are especially popular for protection of downstream equipment in conveyor systems, including crushers, and even the conveyor belts themselves.

Jupiter Electromagnetic Overband Separator is the most powerful unit from the Jupiter range. We manufacture the widest range of this type of electromagnetic overband separator, with the largest weighing 25 tonnes and spanning across a 2000mm wide conveyor.​


Due to its high magnetic strength, the overband magnet is able to work at an increased operating gap, enabling it to extract ferrous from deep toughed conveyors and separator are commonly used for installation in plants within the quarrying and recycling industries where they would be positioned either inline over the head pulley or across a conveyor belt.

Jupiter Magnetics supply Heavy-Duty overband magnets to operate over 200mm through 600mm standard operating height and 2000mm conveyor width. For larger conveyor belt widths, overband magnets can be custom designed to suit the application. Additional support structures can also be supplied.


There are two different types of heavy-duty Electromagnetic Overband Separator available:​​

  • Oil cooled - This type of heavy-duty electromagnetic overband separator is the most commonly used of the two types. It efficiently maintains an optimum working temperature and is also capable of producing a higher magnetic force than the equivalent air cooled electromagnetic overband separator.

  • Air cooled - This type of electromagnetic separator is used where oil is not a customers preference for health and safety reasons. For example, a client may wish to use this type of cooling because he used the magnetic separator over sugar shredded cane.

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