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Jupiter Permanent Magnetic Pulleys are mostly used as the head pulley of a conveyor for separating iron pieces from conveyed material. The Magnetic Pulleys are used for all kinds of bulk materials, such as pit coal, coke, lime stone, cement foundry sand, sand. 

Jupiter Magnetic Pulleys are mainly designed to remove large iron pieces, such as bolts, screws, wire, strips and tools which could damage conveyor belts, brake sieves, crushers or processing machines.

Other Type of separating magnets are available for separating fine iron. In the event of slag separation they server – depending on the granulation – for parting magnetic and non-magnetic components.

The Jupiter's range of permanent magnetic pulley are manufactured using ferrite materials. Rare earth materials can be used when particular applications require removal of finer iron particles. The pulley magnet can also be supplied as an electromagnetic unit for an even better level of extraction.

Operating Method of Magnetic Pulley:

The magnetic field produced is effective on the entire surface in the range of the conveyor belt. The magnetizable iron pieces contained in the conveyor material are influenced by the magnetic field and drawn on the conveyor belt. The iron pieces follow the run of the conveyor belt until they loosen from the magnetic field and, parted from the conveyor material, are discharged in the belt’s run direction underneath the magnetic pulley.

Applications of Permanent Magnetic Pulley:

  • Installation on Mobile Crushers, Screens and Shredders

  • Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries

  • Removal of ferrous materials in mining operations

  • Separation of ferrous in municipal solid waste recovery

  • Removal of ferrous contamination in glass recycling

  • Separation of ferrous metals in skip waste recycling

  • Removal of ferrous from foundry applications

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